surrender = trust

Feeling very lucky.  Have some great friends around the world and have some great adventures as a result of having these friends.  Right now on my way to teach a couple of animal behaviour seminars in Prague.  Thank you Franta.  Feel a little like the cub in this pic.  With the whole world out there to learn from and adventure in.  And it looks like a big daddy lion from down here. 
Let the fun begin.  Because it can be nothing but that.
It is amazing how life flows when I surrender to her mystery.  Play play play.
It is also amazing how moving with the flow enables me to take stock of how much I care about the things in my life.  Leaving my dogs at the gate.  Hugging my family goodbye.  (allowing my sons to bunk school so I could enjoy them before I leave)  Saying have fun to my work mates.  Seeing the animals at work on my way out.  Seeing the splendour of the amazing country we live in...
Surrender = trust.  All is well.  All is as I intend.  And I intend majesty!


  1. Klára Vodičková17 June 2013 at 05:50

    Hi Gabby :) I am glad that you arrived home safely. Your visit was a helpfull for us .We have learned a lot from you.Thank you. (I know my English is still awful but I try it ;) )

    Have a nice day Klára from Prague


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