Saturday, 22 June 2013

Support Rhinos. With drummers!

Support this cause. Rhino, like penguins need us!
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Tool use

Scientists at one point used to decipher animal intelligence based on many factors. One on whether they were able to use tools. This is Moya using a tool for amusement. I am amused by how we the human race try and put things into boxes. How we feel more fondly for a person or creature with whom we can relate. If we simply consider the amazing adaptations that all creatures have for their existence, this in itself is "awe" inspiring. Or as we nowadays exclaim, awesome
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Thank you for a wonderful week.  Franta Susta works at the Prague Zoo and is one of the most insightful animal trainers and human beings I have ever met.  I had the honour of spending a week with him in Prague where he arranged for me to do some dog and horse training seminars.  Wonderful times with amazing people who so obviously care deeply about animals.  Blessed humans.
The dog seminars were on two nights for 80 people on one night and 25 the next.  They were good fun.  The horse training seminar was held in a ecology centre in the middle of Prague.  A little farm that is not only an eco centre but also a cultural centre.  It has an eco school in it, and keeps all the traditional Czech animals including the Hurtu horse, which is about to be recognised as a threatened domestic species - the first domestic species with this status.  I had the good fortune to meet a couple of these horses.
I truly enjoyed meeting some amazing people and animals. 
The week before I arrived a half of the Prague Zoo was flooded after the river burst its banks.  The animal care takers evacuated all animals to safety.  They were in the process of cleaning up when I got there.  With the assistance of hundreds of volunteers from the city.  It was wonderful to see the cameraderie, commitment to their zoo, and of course the love they have for the animals.  Made me want to don a pair of gum boots and get my hand dirty with them.  Czech has a great community ethic.  People care about people.  I somehow suspect that the respect the people have for natural life is a part of the reason.  Dogs are allowed in the zoo.  In fact they have watering stations all around.  Families with their 'best friend' are common sights.  All being together. 
Thank you Franta, and all the amazing people I spent time with in this last week.  Thank you thank you thank you!!

penguins from heaven

Good fortune with my friends in Dubai.  We visited Ski Dubai in a shopping centre and got to meet Gentoo and King penguins.  My friend Sean describes Dubai as an expression of the human ego.  This is pretty accurate.  Buildings and facilities for the amusement of human kind.  It is a breath of fresh air to encounter something natural in this city.  And in a Desert city, to meet their 'snow penguins' is amazing.  A real honour. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

surrender = trust

Feeling very lucky.  Have some great friends around the world and have some great adventures as a result of having these friends.  Right now on my way to teach a couple of animal behaviour seminars in Prague.  Thank you Franta.  Feel a little like the cub in this pic.  With the whole world out there to learn from and adventure in.  And it looks like a big daddy lion from down here. 
Let the fun begin.  Because it can be nothing but that.
It is amazing how life flows when I surrender to her mystery.  Play play play.
It is also amazing how moving with the flow enables me to take stock of how much I care about the things in my life.  Leaving my dogs at the gate.  Hugging my family goodbye.  (allowing my sons to bunk school so I could enjoy them before I leave)  Saying have fun to my work mates.  Seeing the animals at work on my way out.  Seeing the splendour of the amazing country we live in...
Surrender = trust.  All is well.  All is as I intend.  And I intend majesty!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Wild cat...not

This feral cat is resident at Seaworld and has been for eight years. For the first 5 she was skittish and wild. Then we finally let her see that we were trustworthy. And she learned the lesson loud and clear. Her name is Mommy
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Beautiful beasty blankie

While working on my computer on chilly winter morning Charlie snuggles on my lap
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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Meditating for World Ocean Day

A wonderful evening last night. Guided meditation in the aquarium where meditators became the Ocean. Empathy.
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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Love is natural

She apparently rescued this dairy bull from the slaughterhouse. Respect. Love. If we put our delusional opinions down it comes naturally. On my planet all humanity is good. Here is an invitation. Come share this planet with me.
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