when is it good enough?

A lesson from the wise animals in my life.  How do I know that I have done my best?  In days gone by it was when I felt like I had worked myself to bone and I had no more left to give.  I felt like a victim and a martyr and that was good.  But never fulfilling and it left me empty the next day when I tried to do the same.  My victim attitude coloured my life.  Leaving me feeling less than unless I was able to measure myself according to my rigorous principles - knocking myself out in the process.  Sometimes I still go back here.  There are other times where I think I approach this with a wiser attitude.  My best is when I am no longer reactive.  When I have no buttons going off and I don't go into feeling reactivity - defense mode - then I am clealry able to see what needs doing and apply myself with dilligent clarity.  This does not mean I love the creatures with which I work any less.  It means I respect myself more, which enables me to work with them more consistently and with greater efficacy.  It truly has been a lesson of = be the change you wish to see.  Now I just need to keep that lesson learned and not fall off the bus.  Because these creatures are worth planets to me!!!


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