Rules rules rules

This is probably one of my favourite road signs ever. However, I need to question the need to have it at all. If it is to create awareness, that is good. But if it is to ensure people care, that is a worry. It seems that there is a sway in humanity as a result of disciplinary processes and legal wrangles that has removed personal accountability from the equation. As an animal trainer I know that punishment does not work to change behaviour voluntarily. It changes it to avoid discomfort. It does not work well it is disempowering. I choose not to use it.
In society, are we choosing right from wrong based on sound values? Or because of fear.(Which is the opposite of love) Is it possible that rules and regulations have diminished our capacity to make ethical choices. Have we handed our moral abilities over to higher powers. Have we in essence, forgotten how to love. Waiting instead to be told what to care about. Becomes clear to me how the Hitlers and Mugabes can succeed. Is right and wrong just law? Are we powerless. Is discipline at work empowering or not - in the bigger scheme of things? Are we able to choose happiness or sadness or do we always blame our bosses or government.
Blaming others. Negative attitudes, pointing fingers. There is too much of it going on. And it may be because we have red taped our ability to feel what is right and wrong.

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