Godly Chocolate memories

Its thundering tonight. But he is not afraid. He has reclaimed his back legs and is running free from pain. With a smile in his bark. Keeping company with angels.
My dear friend Chocolate left his physical constraints today and rejoined the spirit realm.
Thank you angel boy for gracing me with your beautiful spirit. Thank you for your gentle manners. For your complete faith. For your company that was so unconditionally true. Thank you for your howling farewell when I left for work each morning. And the way you encouraged the other dogs to join in the harmony. Thank you for your enthusiasm. So evident when we had visitors or when you herded a diesel truck passed our gate.
Thank you for the way you trusted me to make you feel better when you were off colour. For making my children smile. Thank you for the way you looked at me. So real. For how you fitted into our family. For how we saw polite presence as a good quality.
God thank you for sharing all these amazing qualities through the Chocolate part of you.
Chocolate, gentleman. there is a hole in my world now. But I feel you in my heart. Where you will always stay. Till I join you one day.
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