Bull fighting - the end

Petra Nicol shared the following link and had this to say about it:

This photo marks the end of a career of Alvaro Múnera as a bullfighter. The man collapsed remorseful in the middle of the run when he realized that the bull refused to fight for his life. Alvaro has become an avid opponent of bullfighting.

Múnera remembers that time: .. "And suddenly the bull looked ... the innocence that all animals have in their eyes, and he looked at me, that provoked a feeling inside, and I asked why? It was like a cry for justice. I would describe it as a connection, because if one confesses, and expected to be forgiven ... (silence, tears contained) "I felt like the worst shit on earth" ...

This photo shows the collapse of Álvaro Múnera Torero. From that day forward he became a strong opponent of bullfighting.

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