animals - our teachers


Those of us that work with animals and apply ethical animal training principles are very fortunate because we get to practise these principles every day, and our teachers, the animals, reinforce us for using life strategies that work.

For instance, we focus on what we want.  When the animals do what we want them to do, we consciously reinforce that behaviour.

When the animals do something we don’t want to reinforce, we simply ignore that behaviour.  This is not focussing on what we don’t want.

Being intuitive requires presence of mind.  When we practise our intuition, we succeed while training the animals – this enables us to become more intuitive.

Being present requires that we breathe and stay calm…  A life strategy in its own right.

When we have fun, and are enthusiastic (The word enthusiasm comes from the word ‘the God within’), our training sessions are more productive.  More than that, we are simply having fun – playing.  Surely that is what life is all about.


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