I love it when people do something amazing. Pushing their own physical
boundaries as well as doing this to improve something on our planet. I have
a hero in mind as I write this blog...

To raise awareness for Penguin Promises, one of the Oceanographic Research
Institute's staff members, Desmond Hayes has just cycled from Port Elizabeth
to Cape Town. The distance is a total of 760 kilometres and he did it over
7 days. He noted that it was 56 hours of actual riding time in the saddle.
What makes this feat even more remarkable is that Desmond had a serious
mountain bike accident in March 2012. He broke the ball off the top of his
femur, and this had to be pinned and plated back into place. Desmond is 59
years in age, but the doctor says the youngest 25 year old he ever met. In
spite of his recent injury, he donned the Penguin Promises flag and set off
to spread awareness for the penguins.

He mentions - "I was amazed at the awareness people have of the penguin
plight. The kids naturally all received a Penguin Promise bangle after
telling me anything they know about a Penguin. Just wish I had more of them.
Unfortunately I do not take too kindly to pics of myself but the last pic is
taken at where I finished. (Please note the admiration from the girls.....)
Glad I did it other than for myself.

Whooop whoop Desmond!!! You rock and we are so proud. The penguins thank


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