Everything has to do with animals and the planet

So this weekend I loaded the kids into the car on Saturday, drove 500 kilometres and went to watch Linkin Park in Joburg. The concert was awesome. Raw passion and true mastery of delivering that passion. Thank you Linkin Park and my sons for being seen with their mother at a rock concert.

What does this have to do with Touching Animal Souls. Two things.

One. I spend a lot of time doing eco depression. Wondering what I can do better for the planet and feeling guilty about being human because we are damaging to mother earth. Life however is not worth living if we don't have fun. And this weekend I did just that. When we have fun we remeber why we care.

Two. Watching artists give 100 percent on stage is inspirational. When I was younger I watched musicians enviously wanting to meet them and know their power. Yesterday I just appreciated their talent and understood that they were ordinary people sharing their truth without apology. If we want to touch people or animals lives, this is the way we have to live. To just keep giving with joy and humble truth.
Rock on!!
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