Judgement is a funny thing

I am not religious however some parables in different faiths do resonate with me. When Jesus said that whomever had not "sinned" could throw the first stone at a "sinner" - brings relativity into the picture.
We are quick to judge those who we feel are "wrong". I am a vegetarian and simply cannot relate to how one can look into the eyes of an animal and then kill it and eat it. I am often the butt end of jokes for my apparent quirkiness. So where this aspect of my life is concerned, I have learned to live on my own "planet" experiencing my own feelings and leaving others to experience theirs. Realising that each of us lives by our own value systems. And they are all different. What is wrong and right for you is not the same for me. And here we find the reason for wars and politics.

Yesterday I was in an altercation when I judged a woman who was - as I saw it, very rude to a mother who, while in a bank queue was trying to placate her crying baby. When the mother went to discreetly, cover herself with a blanket and breastfeed her infant, the woman yelled at her that she should not bring a baby to the bank and that what she was about to do was offensive. I jumped to yell back at the rude woman, telling her to back off and was supported by the rest of the busy bank line. This simply exacerbated the situation. The woman yelled louder and louder and continued to rant and rave long after we all had given up and resorted to quietly watching her.

Two thoughts here. When we yell we create fuel and defensive reactions for someone's fire. And the object of the concern - the distressed baby - was quickly forgotten in the argument - weird. How we have forgotten that the only question we ever need ask when in any situation is - 'what would love do?'.

All our rules and regulations can never work. Because we all are different. John Niven in his novel 'The Second Coming' postulated that there was actually always only one commandment, not 10. And it was "BE NICE". Clear and kind. That is what love would do.
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