While tending Gandalph during colic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am grateful to have Cleo my pig nuzzling my nikes while I type. Friend.
I am grateful Gandalph looking fairly good today. Relief.
I am grateful for the physical labour. Good to feel body working.
I am grateful for a day outside with horses, ducks, dogs, pig, geese and cat. Friends.
I am grateful for Caryls professional help with Gandalph. Whew.
I am grateful for my Dad's guidance and love with Gandalph. Whew
I am grateful for all thoughts that were trampled out of my head today by the beautiful animals who are my home. Feel love.
I am grateful for the afternoon winter sun making the day beautiful and the animals magical. Blessed.
I am grateful to Leanne for holding me in her thoughts and matching my phone calls during this day. Friend.
I am grateful to all at work for being there so I can focus on Gandalph getting better. Holding the fort and my responsibilities.
I am grateful for Darryl keeping watch from his sleeping bag in the stable last night and still working today. Team work.
I am grateful for the strolls to the green grass with Gandalph today. Friend.
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