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Chocolate is addictive

His name is Chocolate. An old gentleman that stole his way into my heart. Given up by his previous owner he became part of our family. Handsome gentleman. He is getting on and although always a fit and active soul his aches and pains are starting to take their toll. His spirit remains strong. I wish I could take his pain away and let his spirit stay true to the intentions of his heart. I am so grateful to this man for all the energy he brings to me. For his gentle nature and willing eyes. For his smile every morning and dignified presence. He continues to bring love to our home. His part in our family is a special one. Loving angel. Thank you Chocolate. For choosing us. We are so privileged.
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Family members

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Beautiful family in my back yard

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Home in the sunshine

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While tending Gandalph during colic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am grateful to have Cleo my pig nuzzling my nikes while I type. Friend.
I am grateful Gandalph looking fairly good today. Relief.
I am grateful for the physical labour. Good to feel body working.
I am grateful for a day outside with horses, ducks, dogs, pig, geese and cat. Friends.
I am grateful for Caryls professional help with Gandalph. Whew.
I am grateful for my Dad's guidance and love with Gandalph. Whew
I am grateful for all thoughts that were trampled out of my head today by the beautiful animals who are my home. Feel love.
I am grateful for the afternoon winter sun making the day beautiful and the animals magical. Blessed.
I am grateful to Leanne for holding me in her thoughts and matching my phone calls during this day. Friend.
I am grateful to all at work for being there so I can focus on Gandalph getting better. Holding the fort and my responsibilities.
I am grateful for Darryl keeping watch from his sleeping bag in the stable last night and still working to…

stay aware of the good you wish to do - we need each other!

there are more and more species being added to the endangered list all the time. Shocking statistcs leave use stupified. In the true sense of the word. There are many people who care.  However the fear us animal  people feel in the face of loosing our beloved creatures creates debilitating ego.  We all go off in different directions FIGHTING a cause and diluting our efforts by not working together.  Sometimes this even provides opportunities for some unscrupulous among us to make cash out of environmental causes, loosing the essence and hope for success along the way.

Life changing experiences

My son Zac spent two weeks with my brother who is a bush man. He lives for the outdoors and is connected to people who think the same way. My brother surprised my son with no only a helicopter trip but also an experience with a group of conservationists who were dehorning rhino to ensure they do not get poached. Zac has had his eyes opened to so much during this experience. Can only imagine how this could direct his sensitive passions.
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