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Happy birthday Tombi - dolphin teacher.

Love the lessons that this lady has taught us. Never give up. Always be clear. Love is... Clarity.
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New additions

I find it sad that the African Penguin is endangered.  More so because they breed so well under ideal conditions.  Yet, in their natural environment, they are struggling.  The reasons for the struggle - man made.  So we can do something about it.  Follow @penguinpromises on twitter.  See

Thank God for creatures great and small

This is Gandalph when I first met him. 
The family - Gambit, Ingelosi and Frodo

I wonder how people get through life without animals around them.  Joy for me is experienced fully when I am in their company.  How lucky am I that I have them at home and at work.

There is research that suggests that animals are therapeutic.  No doubt!!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Baby all grown up

Zac travelling solo to have an experience away from home at the tender age of 16. Leaving home. Heart crunching. 

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Attachment is the news the Universe provides when we need to decide what is good for the subject or/and ourselves. How we find the balance when faced with this information determines how clear we are in relationship with the truth of relativity, God and self-worth. A magnificent view of our planet brings this Universal truth to light.

in the company of pigs

Her name is Cleopatra. like all animals she has no qualms about the fact that she deserves love.  To achieve it, she provides snorting affection, and grumblinly appreciates her belly rubs.  To insult people by calling them animals and very often ~pigs is odd! I prefer the company of Cleo to many many people. she is true. Honest and open.  Find that because I surround myself with the likes of this angel I am better able to see the good in people because Cleo and friends open up spaces inside me because they inspire gratitude: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you angels.  Truly, Angels!

How do I love thee. Let me count the ways.


Just looking at the simple things around me for which I can be grateful is an enormous lesson. The more good I concentrate on, the more I see. Becomes life as an esoteric experience. This morning celebrating a cat that was so eager for a stroke and as I did, a butterfly flew under my nose. Slow motion experience of beauty. Sounds silly and is so not silly. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.