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True love!!

Kliffie that African Penguin

This is Kliffie.  Named after one of South Africa's 5FM DJ's.  Such a little honey.  There is no greater honour than being a part of these babies lives.  They pinch your heart strings and make life a whole lot richer.  Kliffie is one of five African Penguins that is being handreared at the moment.  Sings little songs to us when we go and feed him.  Visit to see how you can help this endangered species.

Old lady found on the road

Somebody loves her. She must have been missing for a while. Skin and bone but still trusting. Hurting. She slowly climbed into my car. She got out at my home after I put all our dogs in the house. I gave her a meal. Now we are at the shelter. And she will not climb out the car. My heart is breaking for her. I wish I knew where her people were. So does she.

Sasha learning about rock pools

No place like home - home is where the animals are!