Sometimes I spend time with people who see others in a different way to me. I am left feeling insecure in my intuition. Some believe that human beings are inherently bad. I prefer to see them as inherently good. With regard to people in relationship with animals, any poor relations, I see as misunderstandings or confused belief systems. I need to be able to trust my take on people. Because if I don't, there is no hope. If we don't inherently care, if we don't have that foundation to which we can return once we put our ego and greed aside, then there is no hope.
People governed by their egos do three things when faced by challenges - 1. Keep doing the sam and expect a different result. 2. Dig in their heels and force the issue. 3. Give up and walk away with an excuse.
All points refuse to acknowledge a problem which can be solved because it is a problem of our own making.
So, when I look around and see litter, pollution, unethical care of humans and animals, corruption and greed, I see that we have not yet chosen to take that necessary step back towards our foundation. We are as a race, afraid to feel, overwhelmed by what we perceive to be out of our control. So not only do we stop doing what we know to be good, we stop caring, and so, because our minds are in control, we stop being in the moment, experiencing only through our own judgement, and so, we flat line. We stop feeling life. We may as well be dead.
So, I chose to see humans from a place of hope. To find the glimmer in each person that reminds me that we are a race that wants to live. And living is only possible if we are feeling. In every moment.
And that's why I chose to surround myself with animals.
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  1. Hello Gabrielle, essentially I couldn't agree more!

    However, I do need to point out, if I may, a current discrepancy regarding the perception of the ego, I, that which is conscious and THINKS part of the mind. Without which I could not be writing this, and you would not be reading it. And believe it is time for everyone to realize that the 'ego' in itself is by no means the problem, but WHAT one (chooses to) THINK is!

    Especially as words are thoughts (audibly) expressed and thoughts (imaginings or visualizations) always precede the (good or bad) actions that follow. And therefore as "thought (really) is the greatest power in the Universe" - that (and not the ego) is where the problem lies.

    I do hope you'll accept my cordial invitation to join my new Ink Slingers/Workshop Cafe group on LinkedIn and, most definitely! raise topics for discussion, and post your thoughts and comments. See: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Ink-Slingers-4318963?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr

    Very best wishes, Aster.

  2. Hey Aster
    I hear you. Ego has been given a bad name, and is described in so many ways. My take on it - the existence of ego, allows us to rationalise relativity. However, we are not always rational - our belief systems - limiting stories take over. For me, ego is comprised of the stories we tell about what we experience. The excuses, hopes, regrets etc. All based on what we believe. With animals I recognise that when those stories begin to take hold, I lose the truth of the relationship that I have. The moment that I experience the truth is the one that is not tainted with my belief systems. Look forward to hearing more...


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