Friday, 24 February 2012


Sometimes I spend time with people who see others in a different way to me. I am left feeling insecure in my intuition. Some believe that human beings are inherently bad. I prefer to see them as inherently good. With regard to people in relationship with animals, any poor relations, I see as misunderstandings or confused belief systems. I need to be able to trust my take on people. Because if I don't, there is no hope. If we don't inherently care, if we don't have that foundation to which we can return once we put our ego and greed aside, then there is no hope.
People governed by their egos do three things when faced by challenges - 1. Keep doing the sam and expect a different result. 2. Dig in their heels and force the issue. 3. Give up and walk away with an excuse.
All points refuse to acknowledge a problem which can be solved because it is a problem of our own making.
So, when I look around and see litter, pollution, unethical care of humans and animals, corruption and greed, I see that we have not yet chosen to take that necessary step back towards our foundation. We are as a race, afraid to feel, overwhelmed by what we perceive to be out of our control. So not only do we stop doing what we know to be good, we stop caring, and so, because our minds are in control, we stop being in the moment, experiencing only through our own judgement, and so, we flat line. We stop feeling life. We may as well be dead.
So, I chose to see humans from a place of hope. To find the glimmer in each person that reminds me that we are a race that wants to live. And living is only possible if we are feeling. In every moment.
And that's why I chose to surround myself with animals.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Animals and me - bucket list ideas

1. Hand rear a parrot that lives with me in a secure part of my home.
2. Trail ride on horse back through wide open spaces.
3. Bird watching as I climb Kilamonjaro with my family.
4. See Gorillas in the wild.
5. Have time everyday to spend sitting on the floor with my dogs and grooming and working with my horses and cuddling my cats.
6. Swim with Khwezi.
7. Grow horse training business so that we can teach loads of people how to work gently with horses.
8. Game bush experience with my family. Dad and siblings. One more time at least.
9. Travel with Sasha whenever I go away.
10. Make Penguin Promises an international cause.
11. Share true animal care lessons with kids.
12. Be content everyday.
This list is not finished.
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Monday, 20 February 2012

In the company of angels

Working on a beautiful farm with wonderful people.  Teaching police about horse training.  This little poppet came to keep me company while his trainer nipped out for a moment.  Just trundled over to me to be with someone...  Blessed to be in the company of angels such as this...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Thank you Oprah magazine

ife Lessons from a Dolphin Whisperer
Read how these sentient mammals helped world-renowned animal behaviourist, Gabrielle Harris, from Durban, moves from fear to feeling.
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Sunday, 5 February 2012

heavenly friends

Benji and Pepper.  What an amazing pair.  Some incredible times spent with them.  Old friends who have moved onto heavenly realms.  Every now and then I recall a moment I spent with them, and it is a bittersweet gratitude moment.  I am so fortunate.  It is hard work emotionally - working with animals.  Because very often their life spans are shorter than ours.  Also, they are always reliant on us to look after them.  Unlike kids, they never grow up and move on.  They are always your responsibility. 
The lesson is to remember that we are no good to animals if we are not looking after ourselves first.  So, I will have that glass of wine tonight...

Friday, 3 February 2012

Charlie and the veggie patch

Sweet baby. Helping me in the veggie garden. Exuberant and playful. When I dig, he does too. When I throw weeds towards the compost he chases them. He vocally complains if he cannot see me and responds to my call. Gardening made fun by such a fantastic companion. Creator of pure gratitude. Thank you Charlie.