Sunday, 11 December 2011

tiny perspective

Was just forwarded an environmentally friendly way to do pest control on ants.  Included pour boiling water down their nesting holes.  WHAT???   Did you know that ants, generally speaking because there are many species and many roles to play in ant colonies, live for 5 years on average.  They have senses, and a function in a very well organised social structure.  Yet, we merrily, even when pretending to be environmentally friendly, are happy to label them as pests and look no further.

If we took careful note, we would see that every creature on this planet has a intergral role to play in the web of life.  The only creature that the planet will do fine without, is the human being.  The loss of any other species will have a knock on effect on other plants and animals. 

So, clean up your kitchen (with environmentally friendly products), then the ants will not have anything they need to clean up - which is their job after all.  Seems the only pests around are human beings that are unconsious in their behaviour - we can change this, so there is hope.


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