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New year party losses

Fire works drive me crazy. On my way to work on new years day. A dog stressed out running up and down the highway. I tried to flag cars down. Hazards on. Nobody stopped. No human life in threat so no concern. I followed the dog. Tried to call it. I eventually called the cops and for fear of being in an accident had to drive off and wait to hear if there was success. Heatrbroken. Then the corpses along the road side. Further evidence of the unconscious celebration the night before. And they lives are written off as road kill. Tragic summation of the human condition.
Let's hope that those that do give a damn affect others this year. Call for a ban on fireworks. A resolution?
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direct link to God

i am not religious however when i spend time with animals there is no doubt that there is something spiritual in this universe.  A dolphin. Gambit is testimony to this. A forty year old majesty who is completely present, generous and magnificently gracious.  God is definitely present here.  I sense this unconditional presence when with all animals.  oh how lucky i am to be in direct relationship with God in my daily work and with my friends at home!

Dogs and horses

Nothing nicer than being greeted by Gandalph(horse) along with the five dogs when I get home. Together they gather at the gate to say hi. Oh how lucky I am!

My sons. We live on a stunning planet.

Dogs and cats co-existing

Five dogs in our family and three cats. Dogs have been involved in pack activity that has led to attacks on cats and even a death. Philli, the cat in this pic was attacked by Sasha, the dog here. A concerted effort to teach them to peacefully co-exist is an ongoing effort in our home. With Sasha in particular this has been hugely successful. She has taken on the role of official cat protector. She is the dominant dog and if any other dog vaguely growls at the cats Sasha let's them know that this behaviour is unacceptable.

Sleeping in. With some great company.

Little Jack

Sweet little man that is always aiming to please.

tiny perspective

Was just forwarded an environmentally friendly way to do pest control on ants.  Included pour boiling water down their nesting holes.  WHAT???   Did you know that ants, generally speaking because there are many species and many roles to play in ant colonies, live for 5 years on average.  They have senses, and a function in a very well organised social structure.  Yet, we merrily, even when pretending to be environmentally friendly, are happy to label them as pests and look no further.

If we took careful note, we would see that every creature on this planet has a intergral role to play in the web of life.  The only creature that the planet will do fine without, is the human being.  The loss of any other species will have a knock on effect on other plants and animals. 

So, clean up your kitchen (with environmentally friendly products), then the ants will not have anything they need to clean up - which is their job after all.  Seems the only pests around are human beings that are uncon…

A moments love

She washed up today. A beautiful risso dolphin. Obviously old and very thin. We sat with her on the beach. Quietly. For a little while. Then she left us with only a memory of her wise content eye blinking at us. A gentle graceful beautiful animal. Passed on quietly. Incredible how we have been gifted with the ability to love something instantly. For a creature to affect our lives so intensely.

I love Draco

Stole my heart when he entered my life as a puuppy. Rescued after someone threw him into a store and ran off. My gain.

Sasha as a puppy

nI remember when she was this size and the vets did not think she was going to make it.  She was rescued and sick with joint il.  I visualized her as an adult.  miraculously she made it.  she makes my heart sing daily.  love you Sasha!