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Cat family

This is "Mommy". She is part of a family of cats that we man*ge at work. They are fed, sterilized and cared for. Not tame. Only a few tolerate stroking. They are territorial and keep other strays away. She is a honey. Soaking up afternoon sun.

Khethiwe's birthday

She is 3 today. Beautiful exuberant confident independent teacher. Happy birthday. Love you madly!

Missing Jabba

This little mite was with me for six days. An Oriole. Found in our garden. Still a baby. He grew stronger everyday. Loved how he sings when he eats. And when we would drive to work he would jabber the whole route. When he looked at me he stole my heart. Felt blessed when he followed me around the room when I prepared his food. Stealing bigger and bigger chunks of my love.
He went onto specialists today who will continue hand rearing him and then release him.
Funny how one can be happy and sad at the same time. Happy for doing what is right for him. And sad because he is taking a piece of my heart with him. Love you little guy. I trust the wild will be there always for you and all your future generations.

Legendary Lady. Happy Birthday Gimli

She was born at Sea World and turned 25 yesterday. Her nickname is Weasel. We love her bigger than the sky!

perfect moments that are remembered as feelings!

Thank you Jula.  

Their purposeful lives

(this blog was transcribed from pen and paper)
animals spend time with us for a while and usually pass on during our lifetimes. Our attachment to them, understandably, fills us with grief. If we are able to see beyond the attachment, we will see our fears.
- Perhaps - Fear of failure, rejection, loneliness, separation (all illusions in the grand scheme of things)
If we are able to look at those fears, we will hear the messages we have been provided by our animal companions.
They are lessons
Then we are able to give their lives purpose.
And the glory they deserve in relationship with us will be achieved.
(Write in memory of Gangster, with Charlie the kitten playing with my pen as I write)
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shade and ego

So I take my dog for a walk, or go for a ride on my horse.  And I catch myself insisting they walk where I want them to walk.  Then I notice that the sand on the edge of the road is softer and that is why my horse wants to walk there.  Or I see that the shade is deeper and cooler on the other side, and that is why my dog, as she pants heavily, is pulling me that way.  I have been so caught up in my ego, that I am not even seeing that naturally, they know what is good for them.  So I need to adjust, listen to them, and work in a partnership, rather than insist - illogically - on doing it my way!

so much inspiration and support

This angel, Gandalph started the "Touching Animal Soul" journey when he kicked me in the head.  I had to look inward to ensure I could relate to him.  This journey has been supported all along the way by so many people and animals.  Latest on the list of support is the "Power Within" who presented a feature on TV about this book.  Thank you for the support.  It is always a lesson that if you are doing what you are meant to be doing, you will be assisted by the Universe.  I trust that the message that needs to be shared about relating to animals is the support that the Universe is applauding.