Was international African Penguin day yesterday

Spent time conversing with general public about the plight of the African Penguin. Not to raise funds but to encourage environmental behaviour changes that will serve the penguins and our planet. Was chuffed with the enthusiasm of many on this subject. So many seem to realise that the planet needs action and that is what needs focus. For those few that were less than enthusiastic, they teach me the ongoing lesson. Some will, some will not, so what, whose next? The lesson. Don't take things personally. Keep moving forward. Let the enthusiasm of anyone who does choose to listen keep moving the energy forward. If I take things personally then it becomes hard to make the necessary difference. I may even begin to use the hard sells as an excuse not to do what needs doing. So all I can do is stay grateful that I have this philosophy, this awareness, and keep going. www.penguinpromises.com
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