cleopatra the queen

Love this picture.  Can see the love.  A friend Kerry with my angel Cleopatra.  She is a  miniature pig.  Cleo was given to Zac, my son for his birthday.  When she arrived she had very recently been taken away from her mother.  She was a little insecure, and raced around the garden like a mad thing.  I was concerened that evening because my husband and I were going out.  We left our two sons at home with the babysitter.  At the time they were only around seven and eight years old.  I was anxious about leaving the new addition, piglet, but there was not much option.  When we arrived home, the babysitter said the kids were asleep in our bed, a low futon.  My first port of call was to find the piglet - at that point, still without a name.  We all began to hunt.  Torches out and we searched the garden.  We searched for over an hour.  Then we began looking around the house.  No sign of the little bllack creature. Eventually I went to check on the kids.  And that is where I found the piglet too.  sprawled out in the middle of the bed between my two angels.  That is when we named her - Queen Cleopatra.


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