I love Charlie

I just left Charlie at the vet.  It broke my heart to leave him there for his op.  I will see him tonight.  Cannot wait to cuddle him again.  He is being neutered today.  Apparently that is the socially acceptable thing to do nowadays.  I don't disagree, however, it does make me think.  Like animals do(-:
How is it that we are so easily to make decisions about controlling populations of animals.  To the point where the thoughts that we have about these decisions are commonplace.  Spaying our dogs and cats, gelding our horses - and all sorts of excuses for it.  Those that chose not to usually entertain this to make money from breeding.  Even our game parks control breeding, often through culling. 

All this population control, however, we are not able to control our own populations.  It is still inbuilt into many cultures that having children, and not just a couple of kids, is a good thing to do.  Meanwhile our population growth on this planet is so out of control, and the impact on our planet so enormous that we are stressing the very lifeforce we require to exist.  Why don't we as a species - with our so called higher functioning brains - do something about this. 

Imagine if people were taxed more if they had more than their quota of kids.  Or taxed less if they had no kids.  Imagine if men had to be neutered to be allowed to enter into some high brow professions.  Imagine if you were given benefits for chosing to adopt kids rather than have your own - providing sanctuary to someone who needs it rather than feel the need to have your own genes perpetuated

Imagine a world that works - what needs doing.


  1. Gabby this is a hard one... we were given dominion over the world and the animals therein. we were not given dominion over man. each man is his own responsibility. we can only try to guide each other. as soon as you decide you have the right of life over another man and his choices, you decide that you are God. if you can choose to be god over one man, why can another not choose to be god over you?


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