cuban ballerina like a cat

Tonight I watched a ballet.  It was beautiful.  There was a 16 year old cuban lass who took the lead and she was absolutely magnificent.  When she tip toed onto stage she stole it effortlessly.  She clearly loves to dance.  It is always so beautiful to see someone do something that they love.  When they do, they are completely present in the moment.  And her body was ringing out her joy in every muscle.  Many of which I am sure I have never even discovered in my body.  It was like watching an animal delight in life - like a young foal dancing around the veldt, or a puppy rush around the yard, or a cat take a long leasurely leap up onto a table. 
Presence is what we need in relation with animals.  People ask me why I do yoga and one of the answers is so that I can learn more body awareness.  Because when we are aware of our bodies, we can begin to have mastery over our body language.  Like an animal does.  Watch as a dog or cat get up after a nap.  If they don't have to, they don't rush up.  They first take a good long stretch.  Ensuring that the flexibility in their bodies sustains them, and perhaps just enjoying the lovely moment of stretching.

How often I am not even conscious that my spirit is inhabiting a body.  Too often I am mad at my body rather than nurturing it and feeling the amazing potential that it holds.  Another lesson from animals, and the amazing Cuban ballerina.  If I put my mind to it, I can do anything - even talk to animals


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