glorious summer days, animals and an attitude shift.

I arrived home this afternoon from work and a function feeling drained and tired.  A little headachy, nauseous and ready to pamper myself.  But before I could do that I needed to muck out some stables, fill up the dog and cats water bowl, pick some lettuce for the pig and give the horses some hay.  Before I knew it, I was embroiled in another feeling altogether.  It is the first real spring summer day we have had in a while, and being outside surrounded by affectionate horses, bounding loving dogs and a pig looking for a kiss on the snout, I began to feel alive.  I suddenly noticed birds chirping louder than I have in a long time (when I was feeling low and miserable I had not heard them).  To top it all, the first yellow billed kite of the season swooped over our home.  Now I sit typing out my joy, with a kitten purring at my feet and a daschund curled up next to me.  And we wonder why animals are therapeutic.  Attitude shift.


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