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Darryl (husband) went down to put blankets on Mashatu and Gandalph - the pair of horses at home.  Because it is raining and cold (climate change = mid-winter rain in KwaZulu Natal - completely unseasonal).  Poor horses we think, as we cuddle under our duvets.  Feeling sorry for them.  We have not seen them all day and left them a pile of hay when we went to work this morning.  So we also feel bad about leaving them.  So he took them each an apple, and went to dress them in their winter woolies.  And all they were interested in was getting to the apples in their pockets.  And we have to think - do we make blankets, and give apples to make ourselves feel better. 

There is a school of thought that says the over use of horse blankets results in the horses woolly winter coats - presuming it has not been clipped, is compromised as a result of the blanket breaking the little hairs.  Also, that blankets are only really necessary when temperatures reach below zero. 

I know this, and yet, I still feel guilty when I sit comfortably under my duvet.  Still guilty of treating animals like they are human beings.   When will I learn that they are fellow souls rather than creatures of the same species.  So much more to learn from them if I can feel this daily, not rationally, but at a heart level.  May be as a result of fear.

Today two penguins, Aero and Cherub were flown to Cape Town to SANCCOB from our facility in Durban.  So that they could be released back into the ocean.  We rescued them after they washed up on the beach.  And have become really attached to them.  The big wild ocean beckons them back, and we would much rather wrap them in cotton wool and secure their comfort forever.  Wonder what they would prefer.  Do wish them well.  And trust that their comfort is always secured.  And hope that humans all over ensure this by changing their daily environmental impact by changing their behaviour.


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