Thank you old friends

Gambit was surrounded today by people who have known him through his time at SEA WORLD.  Some flew in to spend his 40th with him from other places in South Africa.  It became incredibly evident how much he has shaped and touched people's lives.  Not that I ever doubted it, but to see that people are still connected to him at a soul level is magical.  God gave us an incredible gift in this great creature.  Thank you all for sharing it with us, and to those of you who were with us in spirit

And he keeps on at it.  Little Jemma, daughter to one of Gambit's old trainers is just five.  And she refuses to wash her face tonight because she kissed Gambit.  She cried all the way through his show.  He keeps on blessing us.  Also, little Josh, just six years old saved up his pocket money and bought a cooler box filled with pilchards as a gift for our king.  Thank you Josh and Jemma for joining Gambit's cause, to share love, joy, and to champion marine conservation.


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