monkey in the tree

A friend shared a wonderful story with me.  Sums up choices we have in life.  Vervet monkeys were in his garden, and in the winter were becoming quite brave in their mission to pinch fruit out of their kitchen. My friend began brazenly chasing the monkeys away.  One big male was not afraid.  He challenged bravely, and was intimidating in his effort.  The rest of the troop disappeared, but the big male was up for the challenge.  My friend admitted that he felt as though his self-worth was being challenged.  Not wanting to be shown up, he puffed up his chest, and rushed out after the monkey.  The monkey eased up into the tree, loping around effortlessly.  He was high up in the tree and my friend was ranting and raving under the tree.  Next thing, the monkey, with all the cheek he could muster, unashamedly pee'd down onto the challenge.

I am impressed that he told me this story.  He admitted that all he could do in the scenario was giggle.  His choice was to see his ego and get back in touch with truth.  They both one in the argument.  The monkey got a laugh, and my friend laughed at his ego. 


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