Happy Birthday Gambit

Every now and then you meet a soul that changes your life for the better. Someone who enables you to look at yourself and make changes that have the potential to improve the lives of those around you. It is rare to get to know these souls and for them to continue holding you in that change. One such magnificent being in my life is a dolphin called Gambit.

I feel so honoured to know you Gambit. How is it that you manage to open my heart every time I look into your eyes. How present are you that you are able to let me be in the moment with you. The many many tears of joy I have cried with you filling my heart are tears that have fallen in some of the best moments of my life

Your presence. Your unconditional love. Your humble grace and playful exuberance. Your family. I am blessed so many times over to have been graced with your friendship.

My pledge to you-
To continue sharing the lessons you teach me until I leave this planet:
- Trust is earned and maintained
- love is free and unconditional
- moments are precious and timeless
- grace is humility
- play is why we are alive.

Happy 40th birthday precious gentle giant. Thank you. Your time on this planet is a gift for so many. I love you with all the presence of mind I have. You are truly a legendary great angel.
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