Cherub and Aero

Two penguins that were rescued by my team at uShaka Sea World.  They are two young juvenile African Penguins.  This species was recently added to the endangered species list, largely because of human impact.  The rehabilitation process has gone really well.  They are fit and healthy and being deployed to SANCCOB to be released into the Ocean once more.  It is a bittersweet farewell saying goodbye to two little gems, whom we have become close to and with whom we have become personally involved.  We need to ensure that the species survives to give these two the best chance possible out there.  This is not something we can throw money at and hope that it all ends up well and good.  We need to be actively involved, looking at the impact we make on our planet, realise that this impact affects the ocean - and the lesson - we cannot do this because it is the right thing to do, we have to do it out of selfless love.  Just live respectfully, lightly, doing what we can, in every moment.  Gonna miss this little pair.  They have gotten so close.  Following each other around - Visualising them in their adult black and white coats, looking after chicks, generation after generation - a part of the revival of the species...  Go there. 


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