celebrating a 21 year old

21 years ago today I had been working at Sea World in Durban for just four months.  And I was priveleged to witness the birth of a baby dolphin.  I was even more honoured to be taken under the wing of a senior trainer to work with the mother and calf from the time of the birth.  Wow can be the only word to describe this experience.  I was new to all of this, and had this little creature to care for, and get to know.  Suffice is to say he stole my heart, lock stock and soul.  His name is Jula.  I cannot describe the gratitude I feel for being a part of Jula's life.  He is an angel.  A gem, and master, a teacher, a gentle soul who knows so much more than I ever will.   Heartfelt life time gratitude to his mother Frodo and father Gambit, and happy birthday to the heart thief, Jula.  Love you angel!!!


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