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The world continues - penguin update❤️

Dear PenguinPromises
> The penguins are now back home in the colony after having spent a lovely few
> weeks just resting and relaxing out at sea. They have been eating lots of fish
> and have now got back to their normal weight of about 6 kg.
> Winter is now approaching rapidly and the days are getting shorter. Each day
> there are fewer hours of daylight for Promises to catch fish. The penguins will
> need to start swimming northwards soon to find better weather and longer hours
> of daylight for fishing, but first they have to change their feathers. Changing
> feathers is called moulting or molting depending on where you live. My apologies
> if my British spelling is not the same as yours.
> When the penguins leave on their winter migration they will be out at sea for
> many months without coming ashore at all. The seawater is very cold so the feathers
> need to be in perfect condition to keep Promises warm for such a l…
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More Dad lessons

My hero pop - I spent a few days with him this week. He is over eighty, a cancer survivor, has very poor eyesight and yet wakes up before us all and encourages us strongly to accompany him on eighteen holes of golf as often as possible. This is after being in icu for a month on a ventilator just six months ago and recovering from a broken arm just a month ago. Nothing stops him.  He has his will on his side.
We sat and spoke about animal behaviour during some down time and once again he got me thinking. He practised as a vet for over fifty years and this in the day when most insight was discovered hands on. Without ultrasounds or x-rays. And from a behaviour point of view he was winging it and learning how to ensure the most practical safe solutions all the time. He felt his way to success.
We were speaking about how dogs seem to sense fear. He believes this was one of his biggest lessons and suggests that if we are afraid we are basically unpredictable. So it makes complete sense for…

Checklist . A life worth living

If you had to fill this in at the end of your life, would you tick all the boxes?  If so, then the animals around you were probably happy.  If not, perhaps it is time for you to shift, and let the animals guide you to a better life. I made me happyI Practiced curiosityI loved what I didI did what I lovedI saw me in animals and natureI learned beautiful lessonsI forgave those who trespassed against meI noticed that my judgements were all about meI respected people, animals and my place in the unityI learned to be grateful for everythingI enjoyed my amazing body I felt with other peopleI was generousI enjoyed my own companyI was kind to meI was kind to allI saw God in every living thingI felt the wind on my skin and rejoicedI tried new things dailyI played I shared my life 

South American Penguin Promises

Dear PenguinPromises
> We had some really heavy rain shortly after writing to you last time. It was
> a difficult job for Promises keeping the chicks dry in the nest during the rain.
> Some of the nests in the colony were abandoned because of the rain running into
> the nests. This is the second year in succession that we have had heavy rain
> at this vulnerable time of year.
> The chicks are very fragile when they are little, and Promises must take extra
> care to keep them warm and dry at that age. Thankfully the chicks have grown
> a lot since then. They are now almost as big as Promises, but still have a long
> way to go before they will be ready to leave the nest and begin life on their
> own. I attach a photo of the chicks.
> As you can see in the photo the chicks are not only growing fast, but they are
> also now exploring outside of the nest. They even go around to visit chicks in
> other nests during the day…

Re-solution time

Happy 20 20.  An auspicious number. 20 20 vision is something that means we see perfectly.  Seeing and experiencing with full awareness - let's play this game - even if it requires bifocals(-:

The end of a long year.  Early night as I will work in the morning.  I feel the load of a busy time, and am thankful for my impending comfort.  My body holds the pent up anxiety of a busy holiday season.  I snuggle down anticipating letting go.  Onto the pillow and stretch and relax into my bed.  Comfort yet something is missing.  There it is.  Sage's wet nose is at the edge of the bed touching my arm.  In our customary fashion I lift the duvet and she slips in and curls up spooning into my torso.  I feel, once more as I have done many times before - that this is the best time of my day.  Sage is my dog.  She is my family.  She is Kin.  This is the connection that I love.

I consider the word Kin as I fall asleep  Is it the beginning of Kind?

When I wake in 2020 I look up the origin of t…

Freya angel

What a sweetheart. She is the most gentle spirit I have ever met. Ever ever. Grace is her nature. Pure joy her energy. Light is always around her. And her bark - earth shattering.

I feel so blessed to have shared your life. Look so forward to our meeting on that bridge❤️

South American Penguin Scientist update - Promises

Dear PenguinPromises

The chicks have finally hatched and they are really cute. At the moment they are still very small, weighing about 100 grams each. They are not yet able to walk, so Promises must be very careful with them. The chicks are like new born babies. They have to be kept nice and warm, so the parents tuck the chicks underneath and gently lie over them.

Penguins have a special pouch of bare skin on their lower abdomen called a "brood pouch". It is only used for keeping eggs and chicks warm. Most of the time the pouch is held closed by involuntary muscles and the pouch is not visible under the feathers. When the chicks are underneath Promises the muscles are relaxed and the pouch opens, giving the chicks a warm and safe 'hollow' underneath Promises.

The chicks are born with thin thread-like feathers, so when they are tucked inside the pouch, the bare skin of the brood patch is held tightly against the chicks, and the chicks are kept at the same temperatur…