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Quality of Attention

When we focus with intent and without expectation we are focussing with love.
In these moments we receive true reflection from animals or people.
This is another perspective of information we already know. What we focus on expands....

The highlight here, however, is that the quality of focus or attention we afford another can punish or reinforce behaviour. 

I returned from a three week trip away to say hi to Tonic, Gandalph and Mashatu. Three horse lawn mowers. I stroked Tonic’s ears remembering how he used to “hate” that. He pushed them into the palm of my hand willing the tickle. I turned to see Gandalph initiating a game of dance by splaying out his front legs. And Mashatu flaring his lip in our game of cheese that has also been played before. I was in good humor and this was what I was experiencing in return. Funny how I needed to be not conscious of this concept to experience it with heart.

My trip away was part of that consciousness generation. I have just returned from interfacing…
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Really cool penguin science update from researcher in S America

> Dear PenguinPromises
> The penguins have arrived back home in the colony after their winter
> migration. As usual the males arrived about 10 days before the females. The
> pairs split up during the winter migration because it is impossible for the
> couple to remain together out in the open ocean. The waves make it difficult
> to see very far, and the penguins all look much the same at a distance. The
> first time one of the penguins chased a fish they would loose contact with
> each other, so they don't even try. They just go their separate ways and
> meet up again back at the nest at the end of the winter migration.
> Magellanic penguins remain together for life, and the pairs meet up again
> back at the nest each October, ready for another season of egg-laying and
> chick-rearing. Like any gentleman, the males do not keep the ladies waiting
> for such an important date.
> After reuniting in mid October, the…

German Translation of Touching Animal Souls

Falling in love

There are amazing, inspiring, real, precious creatures, people, moments, opportunities and spectacles everywhere.  There is good fortune  if we choose to see it.  While traveling for a period of time I have spent a bit of time focussing on what I missing back home.  There have been some complicating factors that have added to my anxiety, for example Freya has not been well.  Freya is an elderly lady dog, and a true loyal friend.  My younger son will leave home a few days after I return - so considering empty nest syndrome too.  Between the business, there have been moments of despair.  How have I coped?
By falling in love with the animals along the way.  Then generalizing that feeling to whatever has come my way.  A gratitude journal has been my travel log, and this has helped me stay focussed on where I am.
 Loving the culture of animal friendly nations
 beautiful spaces
 so many many amazing critters
 human and animal
 sharing times with special friends
meeting strangers who have …

Apologies for being human

Looking into the eyes of a silverback gorilla. An extremely humble moment. Where I feel so stupid. And terribly guilty for being human. There is so much intelligence there


A friend told me that if I am so busy out there saving the world and fixing situations and pitying people to help them, it is probably that I am neglecting the very same issues in my own psyche.  These are powerful words.

No person or animal deserves my saving if it comes from my own illusory projected energy.  So I reflect now.  Look deeply, when I am driven to be the hero-saviour, and check my energy - if there is any stickiness there, any anger or frustration, or fear or deep sorrow, then my intentions are not pure.  If it is pure, and compassionate, without pity, then I can continue the conversation.

This is Frodo - she is 100% clear.  When watching her with people during training sessions or play sessions, she is always giving without reservation.  Sometimes people communicate unclearly, and then they think she is not giving what they want.  Meanwhile, all that needs doing is that we need to look at our messaging. 

This lady is the guru in my life who has taught me more than anyo…

just feel

I have said it before, but have to say it again – so that I listen to me – for the good of the whole.  Life does get tough.  I find myself stressing and over reacting.  A wise guru once provided me the advice of using my sense of touch so that I could move back to my centre. So I could identify the story as the illusion and remember that what is real is right here before me.  Little Rocky.  Chilly in the morning.  Sitting on my feet while I made his breakfast.  Reminding me to stay grounded.  So that I don’t spiral into the fantasy that is my so labelled stressful life.  Sit down on the floor and touch his fur.  Being grateful for his trusting eyes and cold nose. Literally – just feel – his coat, my hand touching his coat, the temperature of his nose, his gentle licks.Thank God for animals.  Thank God for the moment – which makes everything we experience – just that – just an experience.Life is too short to rush off into the imaginary ether and become ill at the thought of having to s…