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Red tape opt out - Grrrr!!!

I have matured - it comes with age.  Hopefully.  No longer rise to bait and can usually see the wood for the trees (according to my own personal forest).  But there are still a couple of buttons that do not want to be dialled down. 
Not a fan of stupidity.  I do think people have the ability to think.  However, there is so much fear out there that they don't.  To the detriment of the world around us.  This makes me mad!!

We don't really want to be in charge.  So, we spend our lives looking for someone other than ourselves to take responsibility.

There are more rules and regulations than sense.  Too many rules are created as a result of a fear of being true.  It is testament to the fact that we don't trust ourselves or the world.  And all too often, the rules do not make sense.

Right now there is an orca that is part of an endangered group that authorities are trying to treat in the wild - and there is Internation…
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animal optimism

In memory of Przzy

This beautiful cat, gone too soon.  A while back already, however she still inspires lessons. 

Love the concept of optimism.  In modern day emotional intelligence profiles done on human beings, one of the measurements that determine how well adjusted we are is looking at our sense of optimism.  While watching a bunch of trainers in the last week, work with a bunch of different animals, I was struck by the concept of optimism.  Some animals seem more engaged and it is almost as though they are optimistic about the outcome. Which is why they engage.

Animals that are more pessimistic are more prone to resist working compliantly with the trainer.

When I looked closely at why, I noted the following
- The trainers who engaged optimism were positive, confident and clear.
- The animals who were optimistic succeeded often, and were not afraid to offer behaviour

It is a simple lesson, however a nice way of looking at the relationships we inspire.

What is Przzy's part in …

Gandalph the amazing

Reminded this week about the healing power of animals. Felt so sorry for myself wrapped up in flu and misery. Dragged myself to stables to muck out. And met with honest present beauty. Just there. Trotted over for a rub down and whisker kisses. That divine tickle and earthy smell. And my woes were forgotten. Had to smile at my self pitying waste of time. Another glorious lesson. That there is joy in my realm all the time. Thank you precious angel

Love this gentleman

Mashatu the king of my hill

Precious copycat