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South American penguin newa

Dear PenguinPromises

The weather in the colony has turned really cold, and it has been no fun at all
for Promises standing in the freezing cold wind for weeks with half the feathers
missing. But now the moult (molt) has finally come to an end and the penguins
look really smart in their new shiny black and white plumage.

The end of the moult means that Promises can now set off on the winter migration,
which is without doubt one of the best times of year for the penguins. Penguins
love being in the water, and they only come ashore when they have to. Because
they are birds, penguins are forced to carry out certain parts of their life-cycle
on land, such as egg-laying and chick-rearing, but when not forced to come ashore,
penguins remain at sea 24/7. No other bird is so well adapted to life at sea,
and no other bird can remain at sea for such long periods of time as penguins.

A few days ago Promises left the colony to begin the winter migration. A few
penguins still remain here in the colo…

Rip Cleopatra

Beautiful pig.  Who has been part of our f├ámily for nearly 13 years.  So many memories.  She graduated to peace today. Love you Cleo. You taking a piece of each of our hearts to heaven a with you.