Last night I went to observe a dog training class run by a fellow trainer at a dog training school another peer has developed.  #Superdogs.  It was a reminder of how proud I am of so many people with whom I have had the honour to share my training career.  Trainers who have been passionate about what we do in our industry.  I believe we teach ethical communication.  It does not work to keep that message to ourselves.  We have to share it.  So to all those trainers who have taken leap to share our view more widely, I salute you. 

It is not always easy to start your career in one place and then leave the animals with whom you have fallen in love to move to another facility or start a venture of your own.  However, some manage to find the gumption, and I have seen so many succeed in so many ways.  Trainers who are working with completely different species now.  Those who have moved to foreign countries and are making huge marks on the industry. Those that lead teams in different organisations. Trainers who have started businesses of their own, and are attracting clients who they are converting to more ethical animal care measures.  Some are still working exotic animals, others work domestic.  Either way, they are sharing positive messages.

Because at the end of the day, we all know that if we truly listen to the lessons we are learning from the animals, we become better human beings.  And better human beings will do better by our animal friends, and ultimately, better for our planet as well as for fellow man.

Hats off to you all my friends.  I am so honoured to have shared your journey.


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