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Thank you Gambit

I had the honour of accepting an award for the amazing dolphin Gambit. Last night eThekweni municipality hosted the 8th annual 'Living Legends' award ceremony at the international convention Centre in Durban. The ceremony was lavish and attended by celebrities and politicians and those in the know.  I felt out of my depth but had prepared with make up and even nail polish for the occasion.  What an honour to be there for Gambit. So no matter the discomfort 100% commitment was required.
A lovely video depicting Gambit's role in the South African Association for Marine Biological Research preempted the call to stage.  A Hollywood style setting. Then it came time for the acceptance speech. I looked across the large room and was blinded by the lights. And I felt blank.  I did not say all I wanted to share.  I did not honour Gambit enough.  Not that one ever could.  So. Here goes.  These are the words I would try to use to put the legendary Gambit on the pedastal where he bel…

true words. Animal lessons always

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