Just had to share a story with you about my beautiful cat Hermione.  She is a rescued Feral – got her when she was pregnant 13 years ago.  She was wild then, but gradually tamed down.  She is very ill at the moment with cancer, and has had an op to remove a part of her nose.  But the best patient ever.  Patiently lets me nebulise her twice a day and will let me give her tabs without restraining her.

About six years ago some new dogs were brought to our home (we already had 4 that were easy with the cats).  These three dogs were being looked after for a friend, and were not as cat-friendly.  Our property is large, so I was not too concerned.  Until the middle of the night when I woke up.  To see two of the cats sitting at the foot of the bed looking at me, and Hermione sitting on my chest peeing – it was very deliberate, and has never happened again – I got her message loud and clear.  The cats did not feel safe outside – so needed to let me know …  The situation was rectified the very next day.  Hermione is the coolest cat in the world(-: 



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