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good old days

I am fortunate to remember the good old days when I worked in this industry sans a whole of lot of theory.  Good days.  I have learned a great deal over the years - theoretically.  Sometimes the theory took away my feeling.  I lost my intuition and got very in my head.  Recently I have been looking at learning hormones that can become stressful.  and realising once again that there is nothing more important than the relationship between the animals and their trainers.  If the animals keeps failing and also has nowhere safe to go and be redirected or feel positive, it must be very stressful.  In those good old days these moments would have been titled "ah shame, they tried" and I would have rewarded the animals less than normal.  If we go only on the theory, perhaps we have to not reward and then redirect.  Or not call the animal away from his failure and let the behaviour finish without that bridge or redirection.
Mmmm.  Not saying don't be clear.  Just saying - maintain…