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Hearty story written by Richard Rosewarne. Well worth the read.

Going Home
By Tongue
I'm fading fast, I know my end is near....Where is everyone? I may be old, but surely this is not the way to go? Somebody, hold me please! I am cold and frightened, it was not always like this? I remember................Years before.........There were a lot of people around when I came into this world. Although still not being able to see, I could hear the voices and sense my mother's pride at having delivered such a beautiful creation. I was being constantly touched, pampered and showered with gifts, and both Mother and I knew that with the correct upbringing I would go far. Mother was the world to me as I had never met my father who had run off after a brief fling with Mom when she was young and gullible, leaving her with child and nothing else. Apparently he is still around, very old, but still strutting and showing off around the city. I never had any inclination to find him. Hungry and cold, Mom took refuge under the overhang of a bar durin…

Happy holidays everybody!

May your reflections be lessons and your future conscious and filled with love
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Live now

"Sasha do u want to go for a walk?". The answer is always YES! No matter if sh has not had breakfast or is sleeping on the couch. If I aske her if she wanted to play in the middle of the night she would say YES! There is definitely a lesson here.
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I love my job. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to know the animals I do. And I work with captive animals because I believe they should be in the wild. I just wish there was a wild left where they could go about their lives in peace. Unaffected by human pollution - in so many shapes and sizes - habitat degradation, fossil fuel abuse, litter etc etc. I am surprised everyday that it appears we as a species cannot appreciate the amazing grace in front of our hours. Preferring to spend time justifying why we need a new cell phone, or why we need to drive to the store or why its okay to have that extra bottled water or fish fed beef burger. No judgement. I find myself a part of the irony. Having this masochistic (because our species will fall as a result) tendency is weird. And being conscious of the dilemma hurts.

Promise to blog some
hope with all this

So here it is

Do your bit
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So much personality in such a tiny poppet

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