coming home

Time to settle.  Been travelling and have seen some incredible animals in the wild as well as in various facilities around the world.  I have been away from animals I care about deeply. 
I always find it interesting seeing and experiencing the perspective of others.  Integrating new thoughts and expriences into my frame of reference will refine what I feel which may lead to new thoughts.

One experience that is definitely predominant at the moment is the 'instant gratification' expectation of our modern day culture.  There are so many experiences that we can have on our planet, many of which can overwhelm us - these man-made sensory experiences are literally wow - particularly when we have insight into what it takes to put them together.  Simply standing in an airplane looking out over the tops of clouds - it is not an illusion - someones brilliances enabled the experience.  With animals too nowadays, some facilities where they are housed is literally mind-blowing...

But nothing can beat the quiet time of sitting on the lawn, seeing an ant crawl over your foot, or standing on the shore, noting the birds on the wing, plummeting water-ward to feed.  Simple sensory pleasures that we cannot leave behind or take for granted.

Here is a prayer that we never forget these beauties.  That we never take them for granted.  That we do not try to compete with them in our effort to be brilliant.  It is a rare moment to simply breathe in and out in the natural world nowadays.  I pray that everyone gets to do it more.  So that we can simply start to look out for that.  There is no need to compete with God.


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