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My best friends

It is amazing that for so long I have experienced my relationship with animals through my egotistical attachment to them. And to a large extent this is still true. I cannot imagine my life without them. More and more I have moments of recognising the unconditional aspects of myself in relationship with animals. Only because I have dared to name and see the conditional parts. It is truly incredible to experience animals this way. Without feeling special or happy. A place where it is just true acceptance no matter what. Lessons will never end
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The end

My sister took this pic on a day visit to Kruger National Park. How lucky we were to grow up with these experiences.
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I am addicted to animals

The pure energy. The non-judgement. The honesty. The unconditional presence. the lessons. Thank you God. I see you in them.
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motivating me

Do we remove choice when we offer rewards or punishment?  My deliberation in relation to the humans in my life in the last little while has been just this...

Am reading a great book about motivation written by Daniel King that looks at motivation.  So mindblowing for animal trainers.  It questions the efficacy of motivation being killed by reward and punishment.  It is talking about this in the field of human psychology, however we know that this has great relevance in the field of animal psychology.
Basically, in a nutshell, we need to look at the fact that using rewards or punishers to motivate behaviour can hand the responsibility  for that behaviour to the person with the power - the motivator as it were.  So, our intrinsic motivation or desire is diminished by our lack of perceived choice in the presence of the desire for reward or fear of punishment.
Mmm.  So much to think about.  Watch this space!!!

Wonderful elcome home

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coming home

Time to settle.  Been travelling and have seen some incredible animals in the wild as well as in various facilities around the world.  I have been away from animals I care about deeply. 
I always find it interesting seeing and experiencing the perspective of others.  Integrating new thoughts and expriences into my frame of reference will refine what I feel which may lead to new thoughts.

One experience that is definitely predominant at the moment is the 'instant gratification' expectation of our modern day culture.  There are so many experiences that we can have on our planet, many of which can overwhelm us - these man-made sensory experiences are literally wow - particularly when we have insight into what it takes to put them together.  Simply standing in an airplane looking out over the tops of clouds - it is not an illusion - someones brilliances enabled the experience.  With animals too nowadays, some facilities where they are housed is literally mind-blowing...

But noth…