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a beautiful rat in my kitchen

there is a rat in my kitchen. still. All the food is stored in bottles. Last week we found his 'wife and kids' and gently wrapped them up with a lunch box and relocated them in a safe place in the bush. Big boy hubby remains.  What to do.  What is the right thing to do?  He is a majestic healthy boy.  poison is not an option.  Not right for the ecosystem.  I will not use a trap.  So I imagine we share the kitchen.  Jist ensure he does not get a harem.  One rat is enough!

body on the line

Penguin Promises is something very dear to my heart. I was inspired to
assist to birth this campaign three years ago, and am so excited that this
International African Penguin Day - this Saturday just gone by, there were
facilities all over South Africa promoting it, and achieving promises from
Focus on what is good!!!
Yesterday I put my body on the line with a number of other cyclists and
cycled for Penguin Promises. Again, thank you to all those who donned the
colours and did what needs doing for this special bird, and our environment.
An update. The latest census says that we have lost nearly 3000 penguins in
the last year.
So, tell everyone - do something to help...

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Amazing animal trainers

From a distance, as we cycled towards this picture, I thought we were approaching some farm hands herding some goats. The pack of dogs was a pleasant surprise. The entire pack waited on the side of the road till the men said it was safe to cross. Amazing to watch the gentlemen work with the hounds with very little fuss. This occurred in the rural valley of a 1000 hills. Respect!! So much still to learn.
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Sad as a human

Wish I could understand. And so pleased I don't. Imagine lifting a gun to a rhino. Seeing its eye. Its magnificence. All that it represents. And being ok with yourself to take the shot for money. For many this may be an act one takes in desperation. Sadly many more participate for greed. That corruption is a part of this is overwhelming. I drove home tonight and was so aware of all the lights. All the humans. The enormous impact we are having on our planet. With no regard for the need for a balanced measured heartfelt approach to life that is required to secure not only the rhinos existence, but also our own. We all have the capacity to love. To tread lightly. And the fact that none of us do this with 100 percent conviction means that we cannot judge those that lift the guns. So hard to be human
Let's pray that we learn this rhino lesson in good time. So that these dark eyed angels live for many generations on our planet.
Let love find a way. Please. I dream of a time I can b…