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ife Lessons from a Dolphin Whisperer
Read how these sentient mammals helped world-renowned animal behaviourist, Gabrielle Harris, from Durban, moves from fear to feeling.
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  1. What a great book review, but how sad that not every visitor seemed to be able to read it.
    You have written a wonderful book therefore I was horrified to learn about censorship!
    I did receive this following text on my skype from the friend in the USA. Unfortunately you are unable to access this website due to geographic restrictions. If you are in South Africa, please visit this site using a computer with a fixed line internet connection eg. ADSL rather than a mobile phone or 3g. I am using a computer with a fixed line high speed cable modem. I am doing so from the US, not SA! It makes me wonder who is blocking the connection? Corporation USA or SA?


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