Animals and me - bucket list ideas

1. Hand rear a parrot that lives with me in a secure part of my home.
2. Trail ride on horse back through wide open spaces.
3. Bird watching as I climb Kilamonjaro with my family.
4. See Gorillas in the wild.
5. Have time everyday to spend sitting on the floor with my dogs and grooming and working with my horses and cuddling my cats.
6. Swim with Khwezi.
7. Grow horse training business so that we can teach loads of people how to work gently with horses.
8. Game bush experience with my family. Dad and siblings. One more time at least.
9. Travel with Sasha whenever I go away.
10. Make Penguin Promises an international cause.
11. Share true animal care lessons with kids.
12. Be content everyday.
This list is not finished.
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