Natural fireworks

Have a quiet peaceful New Years party! Please

Beam me up Scotty. I want to go home!!

Pig under the fan

Memories being recorded

Cell phone memories.

Surrounded by elephants

Unconditional wonder!

Elephants and Rhino

Everyone's a miracle


Happy Birthday beautiful teacher angel Zulu

Right and wrong

what is a pest?

order your Christmas presents

Everything has to do with animals and the planet

Love is forever

thank you Bayworld

a beautiful rat in my kitchen

body on the line

thank you SAFM

Amazing animal trainers

Sad as a human

If you in Durban lend a flipper

Thank you SAFM

A cat called Mommy

Horse training theory course - "Understanding Horse whispering"

Precious time!! Coming home.

Love is...


Outside the kitchen window

Friends and family

Whiskey and me

Good company

Like this message. Stolen from a friends status update. Tx Matty

Draco and rules

Horses chocolate snacks

Happy birthday to an angel


Can technology, mysticism and the natural world co-exist?

book review

pure beings

Life wasted if not appreciated

Celebrating Higgins

For the first time...

Judgement is a funny thing

Chocolate is addictive

Family members

Beautiful family in my back yard

Home in the sunshine

While tending Gandalph during colic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

stay aware of the good you wish to do - we need each other!