week of unconditional considerations

I consider my happiest moments, and the first thing that comes to mind are the faces of my dolphin or duck friends.  The exuberance of my dogs or the gentle engaging touch of the horses in my life.  Even my fish in their little tank or a cat on my lap.  I am fortunate.  These relationships exist everyday for me.  And yet I still become caught up in the frustration of human relationship.  So, what to do?  I get it.  I understand that humans mirror a part of me that is so human.  So conditional.  I am honoured to be surrounded by animals and the reminder that I am searching for unconditional relationship.  The relationship I have with animals.  Imagine if I was able to give that type of attention, and receive it from a human.  Because perhaps there is one pure enough to give it to me.  If I was able to recognise it would be the question.  Unconditional is not about not wanting anything.  It is simply about being.  True and without self deprecating belief systems that sabotage the potential.  Thank you animals for keeping me striving for truth.  O boy.  Wish it was easier than this.


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