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After Diwali and halloween and Guy fawks celebrations there is always an increase of animals maimed on our roads. Generally and impersonally referred to as roadkill. When will we as a race become more respectful of other lifeforms. Found a piegeon that had a broken leg lying in a parking lot. Was dehydrated so had been lying there for a while suffering with many humans walking past him blindly. The human race just reached seven billion. Taking up more and more space and using up far too many of our planets resources. No human would be left lying with a broken leg. Or to die and labelled roadkill. Our priorities are messed up. The animals share earth with us. To conclude, perhaps when we respect all life forms equally we will achieve a sense of caring that will transfer - to ensure the future of our species on this planet. 

Touching Animal Souls Article in "Animal Talk" magazine

Thank you Johann from Panorama publications for placing this article in "Animal Talk"  Great magazine - great philosophies shared in Johann's mags.

what you focus on expands

This is a friend, Jimmy who works in central Africa at a rehab centre.  Here he is with some Rhino.  Clearly he is in a good relationship with these guys.  In this type of work people are in relationship with big powerful and potentially dangerous animals.  We can never underestimate their power and even after years of working with these creatures we need to remain alert to the fact that they are wild animals who could, wittingly or unwittingly hurt us.  If they get a fright for example.  When working with horses in the round pen I have seen people thinking they have been charged by horses.  Interestingly, from my perspective, that is not always what has actually transpired.  Very often the horse has been spooked, and is looking for some security, and the trainer is where they have gone to find that security - because, till that point, that is how the trainer has presented to the horse - as their dependable leader.  There are occassions where animals do lash out and hurt their keeper…

What did you see when you opened your eyes this morning

Beautiful Draco
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What is success?

Success is not giving a hoot.  If you can be a 45 year old cat woman playing in front of 3000 people, totally uninhibited, then you are succeeding.  Because if you are able to do that, you are in the present moment, not caring about what anybody else thinks.  Not worried about their judgements or how you think you should be coming across.  (ok, so I was a little worried, so not 100% successful, but I continue to strive to be free of this nonsence)

When you have that presence of mind in front of animals, that is when you are succeeding. 

cleopatra the queen

Love this picture.  Can see the love.  A friend Kerry with my angel Cleopatra.  She is a  miniature pig.  Cleo was given to Zac, my son for his birthday.  When she arrived she had very recently been taken away from her mother.  She was a little insecure, and raced around the garden like a mad thing.  I was concerened that evening because my husband and I were going out.  We left our two sons at home with the babysitter.  At the time they were only around seven and eight years old.  I was anxious about leaving the new addition, piglet, but there was not much option.  When we arrived home, the babysitter said the kids were asleep in our bed, a low futon.  My first port of call was to find the piglet - at that point, still without a name.  We all began to hunt.  Torches out and we searched the garden.  We searched for over an hour.  Then we began looking around the house.  No sign of the little bllack creature. Eventually I went to check on the kids.  And that is where I found the pigle…

Juice magazine feature

week of unconditional considerations

I consider my happiest moments, and the first thing that comes to mind are the faces of my dolphin or duck friends.  The exuberance of my dogs or the gentle engaging touch of the horses in my life.  Even my fish in their little tank or a cat on my lap.  I am fortunate.  These relationships exist everyday for me.  And yet I still become caught up in the frustration of human relationship.  So, what to do?  I get it.  I understand that humans mirror a part of me that is so human.  So conditional.  I am honoured to be surrounded by animals and the reminder that I am searching for unconditional relationship.  The relationship I have with animals.  Imagine if I was able to give that type of attention, and receive it from a human.  Because perhaps there is one pure enough to give it to me.  If I was able to recognise it would be the question.  Unconditional is not about not wanting anything.  It is simply about being.  True and without self deprecating belief systems that sabotage the potent…

Was international African Penguin day yesterday

Spent time conversing with general public about the plight of the African Penguin. Not to raise funds but to encourage environmental behaviour changes that will serve the penguins and our planet. Was chuffed with the enthusiasm of many on this subject. So many seem to realise that the planet needs action and that is what needs focus. For those few that were less than enthusiastic, they teach me the ongoing lesson. Some will, some will not, so what, whose next? The lesson. Don't take things personally. Keep moving forward. Let the enthusiasm of anyone who does choose to listen keep moving the energy forward. If I take things personally then it becomes hard to make the necessary difference. I may even begin to use the hard sells as an excuse not to do what needs doing. So all I can do is stay grateful that I have this philosophy, this awareness, and keep going.
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