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Charlie doing good

Baby boy is home from the vet. So much love for him. And he sits on my lap still and purrs. No hard feelings for the neutering. Animals are so easy to be with.
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I love Charlie

I just left Charlie at the vet.  It broke my heart to leave him there for his op.  I will see him tonight.  Cannot wait to cuddle him again.  He is being neutered today.  Apparently that is the socially acceptable thing to do nowadays.  I don't disagree, however, it does make me think.  Like animals do(-:
How is it that we are so easily to make decisions about controlling populations of animals.  To the point where the thoughts that we have about these decisions are commonplace.  Spaying our dogs and cats, gelding our horses - and all sorts of excuses for it.  Those that chose not to usually entertain this to make money from breeding.  Even our game parks control breeding, often through culling. 

All this population control, however, we are not able to control our own populations.  It is still inbuilt into many cultures that having children, and not just a couple of kids, is a good thing to do.  Meanwhile our population growth on this planet is so out of control, and the impact …

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cuban ballerina like a cat

Tonight I watched a ballet.  It was beautiful.  There was a 16 year old cuban lass who took the lead and she was absolutely magnificent.  When she tip toed onto stage she stole it effortlessly.  She clearly loves to dance.  It is always so beautiful to see someone do something that they love.  When they do, they are completely present in the moment.  And her body was ringing out her joy in every muscle.  Many of which I am sure I have never even discovered in my body.  It was like watching an animal delight in life - like a young foal dancing around the veldt, or a puppy rush around the yard, or a cat take a long leasurely leap up onto a table. 
Presence is what we need in relation with animals.  People ask me why I do yoga and one of the answers is so that I can learn more body awareness.  Because when we are aware of our bodies, we can begin to have mastery over our body language.  Like an animal does.  Watch as a dog or cat get up after a nap.  If they don't have to, they don&…


So often I have or have seen people become frustrated when in relationship with an animal.  Today I had a discussion with a trainer who was experiencing a relationship "breakdown" with a young female dolphin.  When I asked her why, she had a few statements to share which reminded me of faults I have made.  They included - 'she is being naughty', 'she knows what to do and just doesn't do it', 'I feel her getting frustrated then I become frurstrated'.  All the statements are based on a belief system that the trainer as about the animal.  We discussed the relationship at length, and the trainer was humble as we broke down the scenario.  Eventually she realised that perhaps all her concerns were projections, and possibly, not even the truth.  She came to the conclusion that she was expecting the dolphin to know what to do, and was actually not sure that this was the truth.  She decided that it was quite possible that she was not communicating effecti…

No dogs allowed

At a beach function in a club setting and have been asked to leave several times. Because no dogs are allowed. How weird. I visited Prague in the Czeck republic. Dogs are allowed anywhere there. Even the zoo. They are accommodated with water stations and poop scoops. People take their dogs to work with them. You see them in the tubes and on the buses. I was struck too that every glass fronted structure had bird protection symbols on it. What became apparent is a culture of responsible caring. I think it would be wise to take a page out of this book. It was Ghandi who said you can judge a nation by the way it treats its animals.
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Are we like rhino poachers?

Cruelty to animals bothers me as much as it bothers most of us.  I don't understand how someone can find it in themselves to practise something that is outwardly cruel, and at times viscious.  Rhino horns being taken from live animals and the recent beating of a monkey to death by five students.  What possesses somoene to behave in this way?

Can we really afford to be adamant in our judgement of these misguided souls.  Cannot understand them for sure, however they must have a lack of neural pathways in their brain and a definite breakdown between their hearts and their heads.  Or perhaps they just don't have a clue.  Because for many of us, the same is true.

Daily, many of the actions we take are tantamount to poaching rhino.  Do we know how the livestock that we eat were raised and slaughtered.  Do we take responsibility for that or do we bury our heads in the sand?  Do we know whether the detergents we use are causing all sorts of degradation in the river and ocean ecosyste…

Thank you exclusive books.

Spent the morning in the company of librarians who were funded by SAPPI to buy for books for their libraries. Wow. A room filled with seriously well-read intellect. I promoted "Touching Animal Souls" to a great response. All books sold. Wish there had been more to go. Thank you Linda from Pavillion's Exclusive Books for the wonderful opportunity. Much appreciated. Thank you lovely Librarians for your support.
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Penguin Promises Go to this link and join a cause that is all about changing our behaviour to reduce our impact on the planet.  The African Penguin was added to the endangered species list just last year.  Their numbers have plummeted and there is no sign of a reversal in this trend.  The reasons for the decline is human impact.  We caused it so we can fix it.

Khwezi - true star

Happy 16th Birthday beautiful boy.  Love you madly.  The lessons continue.  Look forward to sharing many moments more with you.

Companion deluxe

What nicer way to be accompanied through life. Non-judgemental. Unconditional. This is Draco. He just sits there on the chair next to me while I type away on my computer. No expectation. Just being in my company. Love you boy.
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