self awareness and then some

I probably have a martyr persona.  I have noticed in the past that the attention I have received from working really hard or similar has been a pay off of sorts.  This type of self-awareness has been described as personal growth.  I find it easier and easier to have this consciosness about myself,  for the most part that is.

Then there are parts of me that hit over-drive and angst faster than the speed of light.  Buttons in me that are so hot that just a breath of air on them makes them ignite a fire of passion and emotional tremblings inside me.  There are two very distinct buttons
- when you mess with or upset my children
- when you are mean to animals.
What is it that turns me into a blind maniac?  Is it a Jungian super hero complex, or is it a natural maternal instinct?
With these questions burning inside me, I notice that there are instinct triggers in animals too - not messing with their young is a trigger for sure - survival of the species.  And with my dogs, even though they are not attack trained, I know for sure they will take anyone out who tries to harm any of our family members - so they are securing their pack.

So, do I use this information to justify my responses? 


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