Gandalph the wizard

(Husband) Darryl bought new dog food, bird food and horse food and left it in the back of his bakkie.  (Son) Zac closed the canopy door, and left the horses to mill around and graze around in the driveway around the vehicile.  Gandalph knew there were yummy concentrate in the back of the truck, and in his persistent determined way, managed to break into the back of the truck.  He got the rubber that holds the window in between his teeth and pried the canopy bin back window open.  Then he managed to convince Mashatu the thoroughbred to assist him to keep it open while they both helped themselves to the food. 

So, we could run out and yell and scream - or we can just see how clever they are, realise that we are at fault for being too lazy to get teh food to the shed.  Another lesson - forgiving ourselves rather than taking our frustrations out on the horses because we were lazy.  Then laugh it off. 


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